Since the last update, when the Halloween tape came out, a bunch of stuff has been happening in/around/with Hollow Hills.

For one, we started (and are nearly finished) recording for a single and 12" EP. I took a trip back to Rochester in December to record drum tracks with Tyler Farren, and we've recorded everything else in NYC. Our first single, 'She Said Die,' will be sent out for mastering and plating this week. We're very happy to say that both the single and the EP will have Andy Gilmore's illustrations as cover art. The 12" EP will have one extra song that will only be available on vinyl.

In other news, we are now a functioning 4-piece band. Derek Hawkins is playing drums and Jamie-Lee Dimes is our Farfisa player. It took goddamn long enough.

Also, you can follow us on Twitter @HollowHillsNYC.